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A Quilt for a Lifetime

Welcome To A Quilt For A Lifetime!

My name is Cheryl Johnson and I have been quilting since 1985. Quilting has always been a beloved creative outlet for my family. My Great Grandmother hand-quilted everything during her lifetime; and my mother owned a quilt shop in Arizona, before retiring. It is simply by tradition that I find myself enjoying the same things my family has for so many years.

My love for t-shirt quilts has grown in recent years. When my oldest son was graduating from high school in 2006, I made him and a few of his friends t-shirt quilts as graduation gifts. The quilts were such a hit, that as my other children began graduating, the number of requests for t-shirt quilts began to snowball. The demand, along with my love for creating these quilts, helped me initiate my own business. A Quilt For A Lifetime. I look forward to helping you preserve your most precious memories for years to come!

T-Shirt Quilts

There are t-shirts we hold on to for a reason. We associate them with a memory. When you have a t-shirt quilt made, you are preserving those memories so that they will last a lifetime.

T-Shirt Quilts make great gifts! Whether you want to give your graduate something special to take off to college, create a memorial quilt for a lost loved one, or simply give a unique gift for any special occasion; a t-shirt quilt is something anyone would love to have! I can help you preserve your memories in a quilt that will last a lifetime.

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